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Bael Turath is long gone but in Caldera it’s legend still lives, built atop a volcanic vent the ancient outpost has thrived into a sprawling metropolis of the opulent decadence that is the True City and the grim sprawl of Rimtown. The bloodsports of the Arena fuel the city’s metropolis and it’s coffers delve deep into the earths crust, powerful magics guarding the wealth of magical artefacts and ancient weapons of war that the corrupt rulers have amassed over untold centuries of hoarding. If this kingdom of devils wasn’t enough there are whispers of a deeper more ancient corruption than even that of Bael Turath. Amid this city of danger a rag tag band will try to make their way and maybe make a pretty penny and a name for themselves. This isn’t a place for heroes, here its enough to be…

…The Lesser of two Evils


G’eldqualyn Zauund, Aracnid Riding Drow Warrior

Home Page

Lesser of two Evils Zagreus